Fast Academy Gujar Khan

Director's Message
Fast Academy is one of the leading public sector academy in Gujar Khan, Our aim is to groom all our students in such a manner that they achieve both their academic and personal goals. Our emphasis is not only on the educational up gradation of our students but great emphasis is placed on their moral and ethical upbringing. Personality building is given utmost importance  at Fast Academy. Producing quality students is our prime objective.

We strive to provide the best facilities to our students to nurture their creativity at all levels. We believe that every child in the society deserves a high-quality education driven by educational opportunity that is a basic need and human right. Regardless of where a child is born, who his parents are, the color of his/ her skin, whether he/she can see or hear, or whether he/she sleeps in a mansion or a shelter; that child deserves a quality education.

Our faculty members possess a passion for teaching and our staff has always been committed to support and facilitate the academic endeavor of every single student. Our campus culture is open and promotes liberal learning with a commitment to ethical and high moral standards, but put lot of emphasis on discipline and conduct of the student. We advise our students to invest this most important time of their life in seeking as much knowledge as possible.


Why US!
Fast Academy is one of the leading public sector academy in Gujar Khan, The vision is to make our academy the Best Educational Institute in the area. FAST is aleading institute for creating Leaders of Sciences and Technology. We equip students with the essential skills for a bright and prosperous future.

FAST is now starting the short courses of IT (Information Technology) that includes Web & Graphics Designing, Computer Programing Languages (C,C++), White Board Animations, Basic Computer Courses, Spoken English, Coaching classes for BA/BSC, FSC/ICS and FA-IT.